Saturday, January 23, 2016

4 ways to have a healthier grill 

Most of the people worry about if bbq grilling is bad for health. The answer is if you know some techniques, then it will never be unhealthy for you. BBQ grilling sometimes causes stomach, lung or breast cancer. The reason for it is grilling for a long time at a high heat. I’m using a grill for pretty much a long time. My family loves it. I’m obviously very concerned about their health. I always try to be healthy and suggest people food that is healthy for them. Here are some ways you can have a healthier grill for you and your family.

You can cook healthy fruits and vegetables. It is a very good habit to grill fruits and vegetables with your grilling machine. You can cook different kinds of vegetables. There are some recipe books which will show you how to grill vegetables and fruits. You can grill tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, onions, mango, apple etc. Any kind of fruits you want to grill. This is a very healthy habit of grilling vegetables. I’m not telling you to stop grilling other foods like burgers or steak. But always remember to serve vegetables with them. It will be a good habit for you and your family. 

Always marinate your food. Soak your vegetables or meat in a tasty marinade. Add different kinds of spices like garlic, onion, herbs. You can even add honey, lemon or wine. These things will make your meat or fish healthier as well as very tasty. Marinate your meat at least 2 hours before grilling and marinate fish 1 hour before. 

Cook for less time. It is a very good habit to cook your meat or fish in the microwave oven before you start grilling. It is a lot healthier than grilling the whole food in your bbq grill. Most people don’t want to do that. But trust me. It is very healthy even I do it all the time. If you don’t want to use a microwave oven, cut your fish or meat in smaller pieces so that you can cook them very fast. 

Most of the indoor grills have the highest temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. But you should not grill your food at this temperature. It is better to grill your food at the highest temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn down the heat as much as possible. It will reduce the possibility of cancer and other diseases.

Well, these are the tips I follow while grilling foods. Grilled foods are so tasty that you will never be able to ignore them. So follow these rules and try to be healthy. These tips will never change the taste of the food. It will just keep you healthier.

Top 5 barbeque grill tools

Barbeques are the food that is appetising for anyone. One can not resist having a barbeque for his meal. But making a barbeque needs a lot of effort. This needs different types of accessories to cook with. The barbeque grill can be done in indoor or outdoor grill both. The grills are designed to cook grills in it. Get some indoor grill reviews to make the best grill at home. You can easily make barbeque in the grill machines. There are a lot of grill helping tools in the market. The top 5 barbeque tools are shown below that can help you get the best grilling result for your meal:

1.      Professionally grade vegetable basket:
Vegetables are hard to get barbequed.  The specially designed basket helps you to get the perfectly grilled food at your home. The basket helps to get the perfectly balanced food juice. The juices can drip out the basket so that it is cooked perfectly.

.      Grilling table:
Grilling table is very important to cook the food and get an organised kitchen. The table comes with multiple storeys. This helps to get all the ingredients organised. So that you can cook the food easily. The ingredients will be near at hand. This helps to cook the food with ease.

3.      Grill set:
You need to get a perfect grilling tool to make the grilling easy for you. This will also help you to have the best grilling result. The tools will give you a professional hand on the food getting cooked. The grilling tools will make food get cooked easily. The grilling tools are easy to use and will make your cooking easy. 

4.      Beer can chicken rack:
This is a cool tool to make the food grilled and make the food tastier. The rack helps to cook the chicken vertically makes it more delicious. This tool can make the tastiest chicken for you. The tool is a really cool gadget for making barbeques. The rack will make the chicken tastier.

5.      Smoker box:
The smoker box will make the food tastier. You can have the charcoal flavor in your food. This will make the food smoked. The smoked food will enhance the taste of the food. But the smoker box can be attached to the gas grill. So if you have a gas grill, then you can easily attach the box and make the food tastier.

The top 5 tools will help you make the tastiest food for you. You will get the best barbeque using the tools.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Indoor Grill VS. Outdoor Grill

Ages ago people had to use the outdoor grill for grilling, but then George Foreman introduced us with his invention, which we call "Indoor Grill". Indoor grills are getting popular nowadays. People are using Electric Indoor Grill more than they ever did.

Advantages of Indoor Grill
Indoor grills are invented to make people's life easier. There are so many advantages one will get from an Indoor Grill. The most significant advantage is that it's easy to handle and portable. Indoor Grills tend to be smaller in size than Outdoor Grill, so these fits easy in your kitchen or dining space. People who want to do budget grill with their friends and family, Indoor Grill is the best option for them. People don't want to wait so long for it's come to cooking; Indoor Grill cooks easy and fast enough. Using an indoor grill is so easy because you don't need any extra skills or training for using Indoor Grill. Yes, of course, you have to know the instruction and follow them before using Indoor Grill. Another very important advantage of Indoor Grill is that it's easy to clean. As many of Indoor Grill parts are dishwasher safe, it's super easy to clean up these grills. 

Disadvantages Of Indoor Grills
There are not so many disadvantages of Indoor Grills to talk about. Most Indoor Grills need electric power to operate. As Indoor Grills are electric powered, these will not give you the taste of Outdoor Grills. Electric Indoor Grills emit electric radiation, which is bad for our health. Indoor Grills are small in size, so if anyone want to do a barbeque party or have lots of guests, then Indoor Grill is not an option.  

Advantages Of Outdoor Grill
The most popular form of outdoor cooking is Outdoor Grill. Most of the people have an Outdoor griller in their backyard as it's fun to cook outside. If you have a big family, if you want to do BBQ party with your friends then there's no exception of an Outdoor Grill. Outdoor Grills use Charcoal or wood fire to make their grill, so the taste of grill happen to be incredible. The intense heat of the fire makes the food taste so good. The Color of the food remain brown and golden, and the taste of raw ingredients hold on the food. Another thing is charcoal and gas grills are rapidly available everywhere, and these don't cost much. The versatility of outdoor grill makes it use for any food, you just don't need to throw some burger patties on it, it can cook any food you want. And the recipes for the outdoor grill are great in option. 

Disadvantages Of Outdoor Grills
The most hateful problem of Outdoor grill is that you can not take it inside in your house. Charcoal and Gas Grills produce CO (Carbon Monoxide). Carbon Monoxide is so bad for you that even a small portion of CO can kill you. Outdoor Grill provides more fat than Indoor Grill. Outdoor Grills are tough to clean.   So, Both Indoor and Outdoor Grills have advantages and disadvantages. I tried to explain some of their pros and cons for you. Hope it will help you understand the facts about Indoor and Outdoor grills.